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We are proud to offer you the means to boost your income while encouraging continued financial responsibility in planning for your future.

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Thousands of people a day are making the decision to become their own boss and work on their own time. Empower yourself to take that leap of faith and take advantage of this opportunity of a lifetime! Watch this video for more information about our incredible, life-changing program.

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If you’re tired of setting your alarm every night and you're always dreading that commute to work, MyEcon can help you turn your life around! Our affiliate program offers several ways to earn money on your own time, at your own pace, while also giving you the opportunity to help others gain financial freedom themselves. With the potential to make up to $35 per customer when you promote our Income Shifting Membership, combined with our Cashback Mall retail program, the earning possibilities are limitless. Whether you are searching for a primary source of income or are just trying to supplement your current salary, our program will provide you with the financial means to live your best life, debt-free.

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Step 1: Once you click on the "Sign Up Now" button below, you will be redirected straight to the MyEcon.net Online Enrollment Process. It is very important that you do not click the "Back" button during this process as your information will not be saved.
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Step 2: Fill out the enrollment application.

Step 3: Please initial next to the Marketing Director/Income Shifting Membership option. Your initial enrollment fee will be $29.95, with a monthly membership of $34.95 due each following month.

Step 4: There is no coupon code, so you can leave that field blank. The Personal Financial Success Training Manual is completely optional. This will be a hard copy of all of the resources and information that you have access to in your back office. If you do not wish to purchase this, DO NOT initial the box beside this selection.

Step 5: Choose your preferred username. This username will be included in your MyEcon referral link and will be visible to your potential customers, so consider choosing something professional and easy to remember. Click "Continue" to navigate to the payment information page to finish the registration process.

Step 6: Once you have completed registering for MyEcon, check your email on file to locate your welcome email. This will contain a temporary password for you to sign into your MyEcon account here. You now have access to the full Personal Financial Success Training. Click on the "BMC Home" menu option to start your training with our Quick Start Orientation and other helpful resources.

Step 7: Click here to sign up for the free marketing website with EconPro.io. Once your profile information has been completed, your website is completely configured to your MyEcon account and is ready to be advertised.

Step 8: Please feel free to contact me here with any questions or concerns about the signup process or getting started and I will respond at my earliest convenience. Good luck with your new business!

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