Credit Repair

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Smart Credit System

These days, a good credit score is crucial to afford the lifestyle you want and deserve. Aside from its basic function of allowing lenders to understand your financial history, your credit score also assists in determining interest rates on loans and mortgages. A bad credit score will incur higher interest rates or can even prevent you from getting a loan or credit card at all. Your next landlord may even see your low credit score and decide that the risk of you defaulting on your rent is too high to approve you. In extreme cases, your credit score can also affect your career. Many employers conduct credit report checks to determine your level of dependability and financial responsibility. If they find that you have defaulted on several accounts, or see an excessive ratio of borrowed funds to income, they may decide that you are more of a liability than an asset.

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If you have a low credit score, rest assured that you are not alone! Nearly one-third of Americans can relate to your struggle, many of which believe there is no chance for improvement. Educating yourself on how credit works is the first step on the path to boosting your credit score and opening up doors that had previously been locked for you. Our Smart Credit System is a financial literacy program that provides our members with the information and tools needed to understand and proactively address credit repair and maintenance. This unique system offers resources to help you check your credit report, submit disputes for fraudulent items, a guide to rebuilding your credit, and much more!Improving your credit and learning how to responsibly manage your money are essential to addressing debt elimination and eventually creating increased cash flow. This extensive credit education system contains 26 in-depth videos on how to repair your credit as well as several templates for dispute letters in the event that you happen to find accounts on your credit that were not opened by you personally.

To supplement the strategies set forth within our credit repair modules, our Smart Credit System also includes an Income Shifting package to help increase your cash flow and plan for a more secure financial future. This portion offers tools and resources to minimize your monthly expenses, eliminate debt, and make financially responsible investments through the use of our investment calculator. It is never to late to start repairing your credit and get back on the path to financial freedom!

Credit Monitoring

Having excellent credit is great! If not managed correctly, however, your credit score can drop quickly and drastically, sometimes to no fault of your own. The age of the internet has created more avenues for criminals to steal your identity and detrimentally manipulate your credit score. Don’t wait until you’re denied a loan to find out that you have issues on your credit report. Take a proactive approach to ensure that your credit is not being misused. Signing up for our 750 Credit Monitoring program allows you to take action against fraudulent charges on your credit as soon as your information is used to open an account. Our monitoring system will notify you immediately each time any activity is detected concerning your credit report. This advanced notice gives you the opportunity to address unauthorized activities before they can become an issue for you and your credit score.

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In addition to monitoring and notifying you of your credit activity 24 hours a day, 750 Monitoring also provides credit score verification with a history tracker, and includes access to your full Experian credit report once a year at no cost. Our score tracker will offer a clear and concise view of your credit score for the entirety of your membership with us, while you also have unlimited access to your current credit score at your finger tips at any time of day or night. Give yourself peace of mind and avoid bad credit with our up-to-date and accurate monitoring system.

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